holocracy and decentralization – some principles

decentralize – create highly aligned; but loosely coupled groups
small groups – semi-autonomous biz/tech units with an emphasis on execution and delivery and holistic understanding of their product space. focus on creating simple directions and clear strategy in alignment with commercial side of the house; teams should have a mandate to focus on delivery and execution with regular quality delivery
freedom – talented multi disciplinary people do not like big bureaucratic process senior leadership should focus on communicating direction and overall strategy to the product units/teams then turn the teams loose
responsibility – a biz leader and a tech leader are ultimately accountable for p/l of their product line; this spreads to the teams
identity – tech/biz distinction needs to be blurred; yes their is an efficient division of labour; but leaders on these teams need to be multifacted and own all aspects of the products that they work on
sr leaders – c level/sr level keeps an eye on duplicative effort, products and tech; outlines broad strategy and focuses on the overall health of the company with direct input from teams